Another day of recuperation inside for Colin. The animals have taken a bit of a back seat to recovering from surgery in the house.

Emma has been doing chores with help from Bubba. At some point we have new piglets coming from Willa, too. But that might not be for another month yet.

Windy and cold

After the snow yesterday, the wind has picked up a bit. Colin was stuck inside all day in recovery mode while Bubba and Emma took care of the animals. Which, if we’re being honest, means the animals probably got taken better care of today than in the past month or two.

Powdery snow

So after a warm December and snow-less January, February is making up for both. Cold winds and blowing snow today. Only about five or six inches of snow, but the blowing caused some big drifts, enough that getting into the stable to feed the pigs was rough this morning. The snow was a fine powder. Easy to shovel, but hard to get up completely for those of us who are a little OCD.

Today also marks the date of a hernia surgery for Colin, so he’ll be out of action on the farm for most of the rest of the week.

More eggs

A number of family events conspired against getting much done on the farm. The sheep were staring me down as if to say, “where’d this snow come from?”

In the meantime, our egg production seems to be on the rebound. Back up to more than a half dozen a day, which is likely due to longer days and getting them outside while the snow was all gone.

Another storm tomorrow night suggests production may dip again before it really rebounds for spring.

Melt water

Less than 12 hours after the biggest snow fall of the year, and you can hear the pitter patter of rain off the roof. Shoveling could practically be done without a coat or hat on, the weather had warmed so much with the sun rise.

The piglets’ stall continues to get gross as the weather warms too. Next steps are to clear off and fix the pig fencing so that piglets can be moved in with Willa without fear of escape. They’ll love the pasture, Willa will despise sharing her space, and we can begin clearing the small stall for lambing season.

Snow, finally

A westerly storm left about eight or ten inches of snow today. Sheep seem unimpressed with the turn of events after such a mild December and January.

The pigs, in the stable, didn’t notice except that dinner was late.