And then there was one

We took up all our market pigs to slaughter this past Monday. It was a bittersweet trip because of a few extenuating circumstances. For one thing, we’ve been not great stewards of our pigs for the past few months and they’ve been breaking out of their fence. A situation on Sunday made the problems more stark, and in response we are going to be getting out of hog breeding for an indefinite amount of time.

Our one last breeding sow has found a home on a nearby farm, where she’s going to be very well cared for. Our other sow went up with our market pigs. She had not been a reliable breeder for a few cycles now, and it was time to move her along.

That leaves Chorizo on the farm. He’s not our boar, but we’ll be caring for him until another farm needs him and that will the last of the pigs at Timberwyck for a while. We’re talking about raising a couple for the house next year, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Definitely bittersweet.

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