Pigs out

Sigh. Spent a few hours last night emergency fixing the pig fence after finding Willa sauntering around the property and trashing the garage. There were some moments where it seemed like we’d never get her back in, but then she just followed her nose to the sweet taste of hog pellets.

Of course, the fence work was something I meant to do for the last week, so on the plus side, the emergency forced my hand and we’ve got a very nice swine containment unit now. Still need to separate the market pigs from the breeding stock …

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  1. Olive Mulligan

    Oh, how well I remember doing that with our pigs/piglets. Often it was piglets that were quite resistant to capture.,One time it was a full grown,,BIG ..one. He kept wanting to go into the road so my mother ended up sitting in the shade with him, scratching his back with a stick all afternoon until my Dad got home from work .Another time , one who had wallowed in some nasty stuff, took it onto himself to chase Eva Bowden in her white dress into Austen’s shed. Memories!

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