Back in the saddle

Colin is back after being in recovery mode for the last month and a half. Many thanks to Bubba for helping out with animal chores during the interlude.

More inventory updates coming later, including some awesome bone-in roasts. Orders are for pickup only. Sorry to those folks who want delicious pork but aren’t in the neighborhood!


Just finished our annual freezer inventory. One consequence is remembering how many amazing cuts of pork we have just kicking around and dreaming of eating it right now.

That said, inventory list should go up on the website soon for direct farm ordering. Pickup at the farm is still required, but it’s one way to get local pork.

Wet and not wild

A cold drizzle settled over the farm today. The rain came and went, and was made less sober by the fact that the temperature remains well above seasonal at this point.

Colin also remains out of active service with the animals. Next week marks the sixth week from surgery and hopefully he’ll take up more of the slack from Bubba who’s been a sport through this whole ordeal.

Growing up

The lambs continue to get bigger, though they remain as adorable as ever. Meanwhile the piglets are growing as well, approaching the swing version of the Schwarzchild limit where the become less cute animal and more obviously livestock which we will eat.

Today was also a bit of a cold snap compared to past days. A patchwork of small ice sheets littered the area that the ebbing tide uncovered on my way into town this morning.

Windy and warm

This weekend was a bit windy on the farm. The lambs got some serious snuggle time as the daughters of a friend of ours just couldn’t help themselves. Whether the lambs wanted snuggling or not is up for debate.

Last week also marked the start of a new roof on our house too. Quite exciting.


We got a bit of rain overnight. Enough that the ground was all soggy, but there were few puddles.

The last few days have featured. Emma’s sister, in town from quite further down the East Coast. Been nice to have an impetus to go back to a nearly vegan diet. 

Cold and warm

A delightfully warm day on the farm, though to glance outside you wouldn’t have known it. A cold mist of a rain came in this afternoon and left the whole world feeling cold and damp. Hard to complain when it’s still the first half of March and you can walk outside without a jacket on, albeit for a short time.

Also, daylight saving time kicks in next weekend. Going to be dark in the morning for a bit.

Winding down

It appears that tapping season is winding down this year. We only tap for the house, but it’s a fun time of year, either way. Given the number of things we had going against us this season, it’s been pretty good. However I can’t believe it’s the second week in March and night temperatures above freezing look like they’ll last a number of days in a row this week.

Mud, mud, mud

The warm weather is wonderful, but for the mud.  Also I’m not sure the pigs have had rooting space this early since we’ve kept pigs. They love or.

My goal for tomorrow is to post some new lamb photos!

Family emergency

Apologies for the lack of an update the past week. We had a family emergency arise on Wednesday last week. While things are stable and life is returning to normal, our minds have been elsewhere.

The lambs are getting bigger every day, and after the cold snap this weekend, it appears spring may be just about to spring! Time to start planting some seedlings.