No, not a boat, but our sweet new lambs’ tails! Mild weather abounds on the farm and we got out to dock tails.

Still not sure if Willa, our Large Black sow, is bred. But she should start to fill out in the next few weeks if she is. #HeresHoping

Three lambs!

Bubba appeared in the doorway this morning to tell us that there were three lambs out in the sheep pen! Our second ewe had her singleton sometime in the night. A cutie, way lighter than our earlier red lamb, but still red. That makes three lambs this year, and all three are girls, which makes up for Emmaline’s brood of all male piglets!

I’ll post some pictures later this weekend.


Hardly! Emmaline’s piglets are consuming an ever growing amount of feed as they get bigger and bigger. We’re also preparing to leave town for a few days, so Bubba was helping us stock on up feed and what-not. That’s what prompted the observation.

Farm should be in good hands while we’re gone. Back by Saturday night!

Beautiful day

A bit of a chill to the air, but the sun is welcome, and makes it feel more like April than February. Not much else to report except Colin is still off of animal chores with no definitive date for getting back into it on the horizon.

The pigs continue to consume more and more feed, becoming very efficient feed to pork conversion machines!


No post yesterday, had a nice day down in Belfast. Meanwhile, part of the stable roof came loose during one of the many wind storms recently. Bubba, with me incapacitated, spent his afternoon tacking it back down during yet another mild February day.

Yesterday the lambs officially left their sleepy stage behind. Bounding and falling off off of things is soon to follow.


After some cloudy weather, nice to see the sun again. The hose froze up again after thawing during the warm spell. We were quite spoiled.

Bubba is still helping with the chores. Colin has another few weeks before he’s back to lifting heavy things.

Sheep are well

No new lambs today. Hard to call it cold too, but after the warm spell the other day it’s positively freezing.

The lambs are adorable and Jane and Si are working on names. Top of the list? Brinda from Jane.

New lambs!

Well, the best laid plans, eh? We never got the sheep inside, but Nutmeg birthed two little lambs in the night. Of course she’d pick a huge wind storm to have her babies. One little black lamb, and one red. Pictures will be forthcoming on our photos site later today or tomorrow.

For now, Emma and Bubba are working to create a safe, dry indoor space for the new arrivals.

Wind and rain

Well, God bless him, Bubba came out to give the pigs water in this huge storm. If this had been snow, we’d be buried in it by now.

As it was, a huge wind came through this evening making us very glad to be indoors. A driving rain came down for a few hours very late. Curious to see how flooded everything will be tomorrow.


After only a few days of bitter cold, the mercury is actually rising as the sun goes down today. Tomorrow should be much nicer day, even if rain will fall at some point.

Time continues to tick down to get the sheep into a comfortable, dry environment for lambing season.