Bubbles (Dwarf Nigerian Goat)

  • Bubbles in the straw


  • Breed: Dwarf Nigerian Goat
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 5 years, 5 months old
  • ID: c1a952948c
  • Offspring: 0
  • Litters: 0
  • Breeder: Peacock Cove Farm in Ellsworth
  • Owner: Rob Manner
  • Polled: Yes
  • Coat color: Black/Brown and Banded
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A sweetheart of a goat when we first brought her home from the Blue Hill Fair, Bubbles settled into being one of the more disgruntled animals on the farm. Not that she's mean, but she just doesn't get along with our other Nigerians as everyone else. She also does not have great genetics. Her first kid, Brackets, was born with a birth defect where his front legs bow out.

All that said, Bubbles is easily our best mom on the farm. She loves her kid dearly and gets very distressed when he's out of sight for any length of time. Contrast that with Moxie, who will lose track of Vern all the time.

Thus, while our experience with Brackets suggests otherwise, we're going to try breeding her one more time, as besides being a good mom, she's also one of more cooperative milkers.



Oct. 2, 2011

Moved Merriweather to Deborah Evans’ place. She’ll be keeping him until about Dec. 1, 2011.