Blackie (Dwarf Nigerian Goat)

  • Right back at you, Blackie
  • Blackie and Eveline's butt


  • Breed: Dwarf Nigerian Goat
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 5 years, 8 months old
  • ID: 22020d7af5
  • Offspring: 2
  • Litters: 1
  • Breeder: Peacock Cove Farm in Ellsworth, Maine
  • Owner: Rob Manner
  • Coat color: Black
  • Polled: Yes
  • Eye color: Blue
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Emma's sister went in with us when we bought our first goats. We purchased two and she purchased Blackie, with the understanding that we would take care of Blackie while she was at college.

Blackie, who's name we did not choose, is a sweetheart of a goat. She has okay mothering instincts, though took a while to let her first kid nurse. It got to the point where we almost had to hold her down to give her baby a chance to latch on. But she figured it out eventually and is doing very well now.



Dam of

Unique IDName/DescSexBreedBirth dateDamLocation
7d2686f9bb Unnamed Female Dwarf Nigerian Goat 11/02/12 Blackie Timberwyck Farm
b1dc9fa184 Unnamed Male Dwarf Nigerian Goat 11/02/12 Blackie Timberwyck Farm